Testimonial Detail   
Letter From Leila - New Product Development Assistant
May 3, 2019

Gail came into my life when I really need some one as professional as her. The first time Gail came to my home and I explained to her why I'm selling my home, she wasn't happy. She saw how beautiful my home was and how well I kept it and how much I loved my home, and I have to sell it because I had no other choice. Most agent would not care why I'm selling but Gail did. At that moment I know I get the right person to sell my home.

Gail is a very caring, honest, trust worthy, patient, reliable, professional person. She explained the process to me in great details clearly in ways that I would understand. 

Gail put the time in my home, got it ready for the market. I believe that she was God sent to me.

Gail did my staging and she provided all the necessary accessories and furniture that I didn't have to make my home standout. She got the best photographer. We had over 100 showings in less than one week and my house was sold in less than a week on the market.  

Gail was always there making sure that everything is going as planned. Before Gail came in my life I didn't think that my huse would be sold as quickly as it did. And not only did my house sold very fast, we got over asking price.  I could not have asked for more. Gail did more than I expected. I would recommed anyone to her.  And she didn't stop there, she make sure that I find a great place to call my home. Gail will always be a part of my life.



Posted by Leila French