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Reference Letter for Gail Song
Jan 23, 2019

It is my pleasure to write a few words about Gail Song who was my realtor towards the end of 2018 and early 2019. She has provided extraordinary services, and I am very much happy in every aspect of her services. To understand the level of my satisfaction, you need to know the context of my house selling issue which is the following.

The year 2018 was full of ups and downs for my career and family life which started with two good news. The first good news was that I got a tenure track assistant professor position in statistics and data science at the Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia. My family and I were very happy for landing on a permanent role at a University in a beautiful city. The second good news came in a whirlwind when my wife informed me that she was expecting a baby. With overwhelming joy, we then started to wrap up our assets and belongings in Toronto in order to move to Kamloops, BC. For this purpose we decided to sell our house in Toronto and hired a realtor from our culture. Please note that we came from Indian subcontinent to settle down in Canada. We then signed listing agreement with that realtor and put our house in the market. Unfortunately, we received very poor services from that realtor. Moreover, the housing market in Toronto was slow. As a result of these misfortunes, we could not sell our house and my wife had a miscarriage from the stress we had been going through. These two unfortunate events broke us down mentally and physically. We requested that realtor to cancel the agreement that we had with him. He refused to do so and threatened us even saying that he and his brokerage would go after us if we would go for other realtors. We were completely devastated.

When the contract date with that realtor ended, we came in contact with Gail Song. We talked to her couple of weeks and signed a listing agreement to sell our house. Please note that the housing market in Toronto went even further down meanwhile. But Gail Song devised a detailed and meticulous plan before putting our house back in the market. She lowered the asking price to attract more buyers. The house was advertised in every possible media and over a period of two weeks there were more than 100 viewings. After 2 weeks of viewing, there were 6 offers on the offer reviewing day and the house was sold with a reasonable price.

It was Gail Song for whom we were able to sell our house in such a short period of time and a recession period of Toronto housing market. After signing the selling contract, we were in continuous contact with Gail Song and she nicely maneuvered us to a hassle free closing. She even gave us her sleeping bags to use after our movers took our belongings to Kamloops and before we move out of Toronto.

It is Gail Song for whom I could join in my new role and move to new city. Now we consider her as our family member. If you are planning to buy or sell your property, you can hire Gail Song as a realtor with full confidence. I can tell you without any hesitation that you are in good hand.

I pray Gail’s successes in every aspect of life. If you need to know more about Gail Song and her qualifications, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Jabed H. Tomal, PhD

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Thompson Rivers University

Kamloops, British Columbia V2C 0C8

Email: jtomal@tru.ca

Posted by Jabed H. Tomal