Testimonial Detail   
Hebe - Sr. Financial Analyst
Jun 16, 2018

It has been my pleasure to have Gail as my selling agent during a prolonged slow market.

I moved from Toronto to US and need to sell the house in Mississauga. Since I was not in Toronto, Gail took care everything for me such as cleaning the house and fixing the problems, staging, taking photos and making Virtual tours etc.

She was well prepared with her research and kept me informed with the feedback from every showing, good or bad. Having the feedback allowed me to know the market better and eventually get a sold price for me with satisfaction.

I really appreciated Gail's services which are really over the services that a realtor would deliver.

Through this co-operation, not only I sold my property but also got a whole-life reilable friend.

I would definitely recommend Gail for your consideration in selecting a realtor.

Posted by Hebe - Sr. Financial Analyst